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I recently registered the domain name ASIS.LI. (yes, it's a domain name with ccTLD of Lichtenstein(.li) .)

This website is going on now.

you know, I'm an intersex person. Also my sexiality is asexuality.

ASIS means ASexual and InterSex, and as-is (let they be) also.

"Ari-no-mama" or "Kamnagara" ("Let it be as-is") is ancient Yamato(Wa)'s philosophy and culture. "Let it go" or "let live (or die...)" is same.

Modern times' Japanese society is very odd. Of course, it isn't right. For instance, in WWII many Japanese people made suicide bombs (they are called "Kamikaze", you know). Tt is a cult and terrolism. Original Yamato people aren't so. also you know, PM Abe is like a pshycopath.

Original Yamato appreciate much more human rights (and animals, and so... all!), much more neutral about sexuality and gender identity. And they are much more environmental than Western people.

It is so... very very sorry, today's Japanese don't recognize original themselves.

Here I'm not admitted in Japan. They alienate humans such as me. I'm going into hiding, I'm a resistance.


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