Accessibility in Gentoo

I pushed some ebuild files for on-screen keyboards to my GitHub's repo today.

I want input letters also in the bed, so I search a good on-screen kbd in gentoo repo.

Caribou will become nice in the future, but it is experimental yet.

I couldn't find, so wrote ebuild files for...

  • Onboard
  • florence
  • xvkbd

Onboard is well-known because it is bundled in Ubuntu, It is based on Python and GTK+3. And, Florence is a nice alternative.

xvkbd is a very light-weight less-dependency kbd.

Nowadays, It is popular to input letters by pointing devices, such as tablet-PCs. So on-screen kbd is much more vital.

Gentoo or GNU/Linux systems should become much more accessible and multi-lingual.

Since I am one of challenged persons, I feel difficulties in accessibility and its multi-lingualization.


wjn's repos' info.

  Japenese , English