Added ebuilds for AzPainter and AzDrawing

I'd written ebuild files for painting tools "AzPainter" and "AzDrawing"
and pushed to my GitHub's wjn-overlay repo.

AzPainter and AzDrawing were popular painting tools between Japanese amateur artists.
It was for MS-Windows, but moved to GNU/Linux recently, most users were ended up to use it.

But, for GNU/Linux users that is a nice news. Because GNU/Linux has no similar software, I think.


They are for Japanese pop art, Manga or Japanimation style.

In fact. For MS-Windows, Though there are Photoshop, some other painting softs are sold in Japan.

Az* are neither like Photoshop nor GIMP. There is screenshots .

They are much lighter than GIMP, and support pen-tablets.


wjn's repos' info.

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