I must slow down...

Today, I slow down my GitHub activity and so on.

Some days before, I was down during almost one day. I lost my conciousness. It was a allergy shock.

In fact, Recently I tried too heavily. It was a too heavy burden for me.

By the way. For instance, I should be less awake. I must sleep for more hours than avarage people. I sleep for at least 12 hours a day. Not only I am , also I was. In short, I have been. e.g., in my school days, I came home, went to the bed.

Of course, I should have dishes, wash myself, etc. It’s equal to you. Thus, I have quite less time.

I am a challenged person. I was born like this.

In addition, I have a special DNA, such as intersex and so on. One of my parents also have such DNA, so I was born like this.

Any way, when I suffer from allergy shock, it’s a signal of slow down. when my physical and mental health is worse, I meet allergy shock easily. This shock is so heavy, it may cause dead..

I am physically and mentally nervous and sensitive. Don’t touch me, and communicate softly. Be sensible and careful.

No mergin is left for me.

I have been suffering painfully. But no one understands my pain…


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