imsettings-1.5.0.ebuild is completely obsolete!

imsettings-1.5.0 is obsolete. But its ebuild file is in gentoo repo.

imsettings depends on libgxim. But, compiling imsettings-1.5.0, "#include <libgxim/gximmessage.h>" will be failed.

In newer libgxim, /usr/include/libgxim/gximmessage.h is not found. /usr/include/libgxim/gximmessages.h is correct.

We should build imsettings-1.6.3 or newer. But now, it isn't in gentoo repo.

Does Gentoo CJK team do maintainance?

Uploaded ebuild files for CuteMarkEd

I've uploaded ebuild files for CuteMarkEd. They are in wjn-overlay.

CuteMarkEd is a Qt5-based markdown text editor. To emerge it, Qt5 libraries are necessary. You may set up qt overlay by layman.

For Qt environment, currently updated text editors are slightly fewer. Probably, JuffEd has best functionalities.

Indeed, CuteMarkEd is for markdown texts, not general text editor. But, If you write markdown texts, CuteMarkEd is a nice option.

Added ebuild for Nikola

I've written ebuild files for Nikola (a static website builder). Because Gentoo's official portage doesn't provide Nikola-7.0.0-ebuild.

Many ebuild files are necesary because of its dependency. Almost all of them are python programs.

In wjn-overlay, www-apps/nikola and dev-python/* are them.

My nikola-7.0.0.ebuild has many USE flags. If all enabled, it will be equal to do 'pip nikola[extras]'. But ipython has heavy dependency. So, if unneccesary I recommend to do "-ipython".

wjn's repos' info.

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