Nikola v7.0.1 ebuild file is uploaded

As you know, a static site generator Nikola v7.0.1 was out.

This release includes the fix about date-time formatting, it's important for non latin users such as Japanese (Wajin ;)

I wrote and uploaded a ebuild file to wjn-overlay.

Uploaded ebuilds for GStreamer 1.3.2

Now, I uploaded ebuild files for GStreamer 1.3.2.

Recently, the offcial gentoo repo made gstreamer.eclass, changed offcial ebuild files. Though I am being annoyed this, renewed my ebuild files to catch up them.

BTW, I am migrating keymaps from QWERTY to Dvorak. Dvorak keymap is very reasonable and sufficient. But I have obeyed QWERTY too much, my typing is slow yet. I can't write posts much now.

wjn's repos' info.

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