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I’m coding mainly my personal overlay for Gentoo GNU/Linux now.

About me




Wajin (Yamatobito)


InterSex, X gender, ASexual

I’m using Gentoo GNU/Linux, Arch Linux, Debian GNU/Linux, CentOS.

I’m truely liberal and democratic. Also I love free-softwares.

I hate nowadays Japanese gov, because Japanese gov and society is too obsolete. They are likely still in Edo-era or pre-WWII.

Some of my story

I have heavy allergy. I can’t eat meat, fish, fruits. My body is sensitive to chemical materials such as tobacco, alcohol, many medicines, etc.

In the past days, my relatives punished my mother and me because of my DNA. I bullied many times in school days. I damaged by many crimes. Japanese police and government did NOTHING. I became to have PTSD.

Finally, my mother was killed by her husband.

Now, I must sleep at least 12 hours a day, mainly because of mental reason. I said it is a miracle I am still living, but don’t know how long I will be able to be alive.

Japanese doesn’t understand human rights. They think human rights only as European (and American) behavior. They can’t truly understand rights as well as liberalism, democracy, or so. In fact, I’m not saved Japanese gov and society.

Additionally, for instance, some of you may be feeling that PM Abe is crazy. That’s right. It isn’t Japanese way (style). It’s a kind of disease of Japanese. Or blind belief (cult). Japanese aren’t lightened (though "Modern People" written their faces). I have been persecuted cruelly.

Since I can’t be awake long hours, I can’t work normally. That’s why I became to use PCs and information tech friendly. I’m not a powerful programmer as well as engineer. I have little time.

Thus, pls don’t think me a normal person, but a person of special characteristics :)

Japan was named "Yamato" (やまと) in ancient times. "Yamato" is in Japanese original tongue. In Chinese language, Japan is "Wa" (和). "Wajin" (和人) means traditional (true) Japanese, "Yamatobito" (やまとびと) does too. Additionally, In Okinawa, "Yamatonchu" means Japanese. Original true Yamato had very democratic, delegated and communized government. Nowadays faked-modern Japan is falling to populism, fascism and terroristic. (Japan’s economic progress is stand by that economic fascism.)

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